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Organization Diagnostic

Optimize your organization and engineering practices to establish world-class teams
Enhance the ability to attract, retain talent and increase agility and productivity 
Optimize costs, explore lean options or alternative growth strategies

Organization Diagnostic|

How Can Organizational Diagnostics Provide Your Company With Efficiencies?

At the core of any organization, people and leadership are the core of an organization. They drive to create successes or failures. A healthy organization, culture, and processes can create a lean-optimized company that can collaborate, execute, and delivers efficiently.

Bloated, unstructured, and inefficient organizations lose momentum, generate waste, lose market opportunities, shed clients, and struggle to attract and keep talent.


Our offerings for the various assessments help companies improve and optimize to do more with less, increase their competitiveness, empower their employees, and add value to their customers with better quality products and services.

The exercise can also be timely if you are preparing for a potential buy-side technical due diligence or preparing for a sell-side technical due diligence.

Core Offerings

Organization and Software Development Process Diagnostics

End-to-end deep-dive review and assessment of the organization, development process, tools ecosystem, engineering and IT practices, software delivery capabilities, and roles and responsibilities. The goal is to identify gaps and opportunities for optimizations and improvements.

When to Consider?

  • You have excessive or unbalanced R&D spend

  • You desire to explore cost-saving options

  • You have high employee attrition or difficulty recruiting talent

  • You have delayed releases and limited go-to-market speed

  • You have a poor product or service quality or accumulating technical debt

  • You have legacy processes and struggling to streamline processes

  • You have internal organizational conflicts and low productivity

  • You have low customer satisfaction scores or increased customer complaints


Organizational Design, Nearshore, and Outsourcing Diagnostics

End-to-end review and assessment to determine development center, nearshore, or outsourcing options and suitability matching the organizational needs.  This assessment also includes a view of the organization, development process, tools ecosystem, engineering, IT practices, software delivery capabilities, and roles and responsibilities.

When to Consider?

  • You are outsourcing but not extracting enough value.

  • Your outsourcing costs or quality are not optimal.

  • Underutilized development centers and exploring cost savings and consolidation.

  • You are experiencing growth and would like to embark on building other centers.

  • You are expanding to other geographies and evaluating outsourcing or nearshoring.

  • You have high or excessive development center distribution and want to rationalize.

  • You struggle to attract or retain talent and wish to explore outsourcing options.

  • You have distributed teams, but collaboration and communication are not efficient.


Organizational Transformations, Agility, and Strategy

Transformations are the most challenging endeavor for companies as they frequently involve architectural legacy and team restructuring. They are often costly, and the path to success is rarely straightforward. Developing a clear strategy with a roadmap is critical to minimize the risks and maximizing success. 


When to Consider?

  • You are considering a transformation and need a strategy or a soundboard partner.

  • You need to evaluate potential risks associated with a transformation and mitigate them.

  • You started a transformation that did not succeed, and would like to get it on course.

  • You are exploring modernization and transformation options.

  • You need to transform the organization into an efficient,  agile execution style.


Interim Roles and Executive Coaching

When in need of a partner to step in and fill gaps in the organization, we can provide interim senior roles in development and testing to cover any gaps while helping staff with a permanent solution if desired.

When to Consider?

  • You need temporary interim help to advance development or quality efforts

  • You have roles in place but require a temporary boost to scale and soundboard

  • You need a temporary senior technology expert for a specific initiative



  • Free Soundboard Sessions: Chemistry has to work, and you and your team must have confidence in our execution. We offer a no-strings-attached session to discuss potential acquisitions and deals at no cost to you. Contact us to book a session.

  • Attend RingStone Academy: Our team shares insights and experience about technology best practices, technical due diligence practices, software architecture, AI, cloud, and security topics.

  • Custom Education Sessions: We offer sessions to help deal with teams and operating partners in Private Equity with technology best practices for technical due diligence execution and what to look for in the early exploration stages. Contact us to discuss availability.

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