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Portfolio Value Creation

Elevate your investments with data-driven decisions and strategic insights. Unleash hidden business value to maximize exits.

Value Creation Offerings|

Unlocking Post-Close Value


In the dynamic landscape of mergers and acquisitions, the traditional 30 and 100-day plans are evolving. Technology-driven companies demand a more extended and flexible strategy, considering the entire holding period. While 100-day plans set the stage for operating models and governance, the devil lies in the details. Diligence and post-close assessments become crucial in providing a backlog and quantifying the impact of value creation levers, aligning decisions with the return on investment.


At RingStone, our approach is to offer a comprehensive assessment, focusing on three central themes.


Revenue Growth Potential


Our emphasis on customer value creation extends beyond mere consolidation. Whether it's adding features, expanding services, or penetrating new markets, each element in the backlog is meticulously measured against revenue growth enablers. From software architecture to team structure, we gauge the impact on revenue, ensuring a strategic approach to maximize value.

Margin and EBITDA Potential


Efficiency, productivity, and doing more with less are pivotal in our assessment. Metrics revolve around product and service quality, time-to-revenue improvement, and cost optimization. We believe in going to market earlier, gathering feedback, pivoting when needed, and minimizing waste. Optimization through tools, processes, and organizational design becomes the cornerstone for improved margins.

Positioning for Future Success

Planning exit multiples early on can be challenging, but technology's role in brand positioning is undeniable. RingStone's assessments track value through talent attraction, compliance and security enhancements, customer satisfaction excellence, and technology's flexibility to accommodate pivoting against market shifts. Our goal is to align technology with the evolving landscape, ensuring a resilient position in the market.

Ready to Maximize the Value of Your Portfolio?

Uncovering business value is an art. Whether it's a surface-level find or requires deeper exploration into technology, organization, and strategy, the goal remains the same: creating substantial value for your portfolio, minimizing costs along the way. At RingStone, we're dedicated to helping you unearth and maximize the inherent value within your investments.

Let's Start the Transformation

  • Explore Opportunities: Uncover ways to elevate the value within your portfolio.

  • Tailored Strategies: Collaborate with us to craft personalized, value-maximizing strategies.

  • Collaborative Partnership: Join forces with RingStone to realize the full potential of your portfolio's value.

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