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Buy-Side Tech Due Diligence|

Almost every company today relies on technology in one form or another. Technical due diligence provides a safety net for hidden risks, but more importantly, it uncovers potential investments and optimizations.

Whether the thesis is growth, cost out, or green market share, well-executed due diligence provides critical insights with concrete data points and comparative industry benchmarks, clearly outlining and confirming the opportunity strategy. This ultimately provides a backlog for the operating team to drive value.


The end-to-end diligence comprises business strategy, roadmap, architecture, code health, team, deployment, infrastructure, security, and leadership. Our software helps us tie together inconsistencies and test risks in our findings against industry benchmarks. It ultimately helps our team prioritize findings, risks, and areas that can expedite the investment strategy.

Our approach combines humans and data using senior technical business-centric experts complemented with proprietary AI software and industry data. Uniquely focused on practical risk mitigation and value creation.

Diligence packages are tailored based on the target situation, stage, size, revenue, maturity, and, more importantly, the investment strategy and goals. We offer multiple products ranging from outside-in to full diligence to accommodate your needs. We help you decide which package is best for your situation.

Explore the approach, download resources, and a checklist.

Sell-Side Technical Due Diligence - VDD|

You may be going through a sale, preparing for a sell event, seeking additional liquidity, or simply preparing the leadership team for a dry run in anticipation of buy-side tech due diligence or simply needing vendor due diligence (VDD).

We have all seen scenarios that impact an exit valuation or even completely stall a deal in progress and can be avoided with a well-prepared sell-side effort.

Our sell-side packages can help guide leadership teams to prepare to answer questions and articulate value. The exercise also includes identifying known product or service gaps to avoid surfacing at the last minute or, worse yet, during buy-side diligence. Complete mitigation plans and optimization are provided and put in place. RingStone offers sell-side packages whether you are preparing early or last minute.


Planning and optimizing for the best-case scenario is critical to a sell-side upside and valuation.


Explore the approach and core offerings for Sell-Side Vendor Due Diligence and VDD.

Value Creation Diagnostic Optimization|

Whether you are an investor or a company executive, we understand that you always look for opportunities to optimize, streamline, or set a plan in motion for increasing revenue or improving EBITDA.

You may seek to reduce costs, prepare for growth, solve a current challenge, or simply look to optimize. We can help!


Our various diagnostic packages are structured as modules and range from software architecture, development capabilities, efficiency optimization, organization, roadmap, innovation, and IT Cybersecurity. All of the modules include data benchmarks and quantitative measures ensuring maximum benefits.


We help you select a package or a combination based on what you are trying to achieve and customize a fast and agile program to help you with your goals.


We pride ourselves in having skin in the game and being results-focused. Take advantage of our free sound-boarding sessions to explore what is possible.

Explore the approach and core offerings for Architecture Assessments, Interim Transformation Roles, and Organization Optimizations.


Portfolio Value Creation and Optimizations|

You just completed your investment. Congratulations!

It's now the most exciting part of the journey - value creation. The best journeys are calculated and based on data, trends, and insights that give the operating team and the board the tools and the edge for decision-making during the life of the investment.

RingStone can assist with several value-creation initiatives, including architecture assessments, organizational assessments, transformation initiatives, Agile transformations, process efficiency, EBITDA optimizations, and interim roles.

Our software package also can help you obtain a snapshot of the asset and data points from the tech due diligence point. It allows you to create recurring snapshots to closely monitor the value creation goals and the ability for comparative dashboards. It reports for decision-making at the board level and strategy flag notifications when things are not headed in the right direction. RingStone software is developed as a monitoring tool.

In addition to the ability to monitor and benchmark progress against performance and the industry, it can compare and benchmark various assets in the portfolio.

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