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Technology Investment Advisors

RingStone is a leading buy-side and sell-side technical due diligence, and value creation provider. RingStone benefits from multi-disciplined business-minded software professionals with an average of 25+ years of international industry experience. Hundreds of transactions under our belts over the years have helped us understand critical challenges facing investors and companies.

Our team, supported by intelligent technology and data, delivers on a vision where Quality, Reliability, Consistency, and Business Centricity are at the core of our unrivaled execution style.

Whether you are evaluating a potential new acquisition or have already completed a transaction, we can help. The RingStone technical due diligence and post-close investment optimizations packages are designed to enhance and derisk the value creation journey.    


Our team brings proven cross-industry experience working with Private Equity investors globally and regionally. In today’s technology-driven world, technical due diligence and value creation optimizations give a crucial edge to an investment. A well-executed process can help you realize value over the life of any investment.

Uniquely focused on practical risk mitigation and value creation using concrete data and benchmarks to help across the lifecycle of an investment. Our team scales across technologies, cultures, languages, and geographies, delivering tech due diligence and value creation advisory.

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Senior Experienced Team|

​We believe industry experience complements any technical due diligence or value-creation diagnostic efforts. Our globally distributed team has 20+ years of average experience in Software and IT leadership with solid business acumen to bridge gaps between technology and business. Experience across cultures and languages with data benchmarks provides our clients with a unique recipe for achieving more faster.

We provide value from the start of an M&A project to the Exit. Our services include Software technical due diligence, benchmarks, software architecture, digitization strategy, cloud strategy, cost optimization, sell-side diligence, and board advisory. Explore our resources, such as technical due diligence checklists, diligence templates, infographics, downloads, and thought leadership content.


We are Long-Term Partners Driven by Quality and Value-Add

Data Driven

We're big fans of data and believe that it provides strategic insights and value to help investors and leadership teams consistently focus on what matters most for business. Data and benchmarks are baked into our software and technical due diligence. 

Consistent Quality

We’re people, and we’re shaped through our individual experiences. Our clients expect factual consistency and the ability to compare throughout the entire technology performance spectrum in an M&A. We solved that puzzle with our proprietary software industry data.

Tech Experts. Business Value

We’re veteran software people and believe technology is ultimately a tool enabling businesses to do more with less. Evaluation of systems, software, and IT, in general, is conducted through a strategic business-oriented lens.

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