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Investors' Software

Conduct self-assessments and regular snapshots
Track and compare value creation progress across your portfolio
Conduct cybersecurity assessments across your portfolio

RingStone's SaaS Software|

Our software is designed to create quality for investors and acquiring companies. RingStone is the only company with these capabilities in the technical advisory vertical.

Core Offerings And Benefits

Our software, in a nutshell, helps us provide you with consistent quality and data benchmarks output for investment technical due diligence. It also helps investment companies benchmark and compares companies. 

  • Benchmark data helps quantify risks and costs for value creation in our advisory

  • Consistent output quality regardless of the team

Investor Offerings

Additional licensing or white-label modules and build-with opportunities for Venture Capital and Private Equity companies to conduct self-assessments and portfolio company tracking.

Self-Assessments Modules

Empower your team to run recurring self-assessments and leverage the entire platform. The configurable modules are cost-effective, provide flexibility, and allow you to track progress and maturity.

When to Consider?

  • In-house CTO or team in a firm conducting a technology diligence

  • Conducting a Cybersecurity assessment for a portfolio company

Portfolio Tracking

Partner with us to drive value creation for your portfolio companies and compare

When to Consider?

  • Conducting, comparing, and tracking Cybersecurity assessments across portfolio companies

  • Benchmarking maturity levels across portfolio companies

  • Tracking and comparing value creation plans execution across portfolio companies


  • Free Soundboard Sessions: Curious about the software and how it can create value for your investments? We would love a discussion and understand your requirements.

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